When you receive the DigiCert email, click on the first link in the email (contact-update) and the following web page Figure 1 will be displayed. Please note there are 5 steps to the this web page:

  1. Provide personal information eg. name & address
  2. Provide government ID information eg. drivers license
  3. Select "Online Verification"
  4. Provide the Social Security Number for the person identified at steps 1 & 2
  5. Answer verification questions

Online Identity Verification Option

The option allows an individual to verify their identity online. On DigiCert's personal identification page, the individual is presented with verification method options - to continue with the Online option: select "Online Verification". This online identity verification process will reduce the amount of time and effort an individual will spend completing their identity verification.

Important information About Online Verification

  • An individual will only have two attempts to correctly answer the questions presented. If the online validation process is not successful then the individual will be required to complete the declaration of identity process.
  • In order to start the online identity verification process, the individual must enter their social security number on the DigiCert terms of service page as shown in Figure 2.
  • Once the individual is presented with the questions page in Figure 3, they have 5 minutes to complete the page. If they do not submit the answers to the questions within 5 minutes, DigiCert cannot accept the submission and this counts as an unsuccessful attempt at the online identity verification.

Figure 1. Enter Personal Information and Select Identity Verification Method

Figure 2.  Enter Social Security Number and Agree to Terms of Service

Figure 3. Questions are Presented - Questions must be answered correctly and submitted within 5 minutes

Figure 4. Thank You Page