The vendor / EHR must approve certificate orders for Health Care Organizations to receive their certificates. This is accomplished by DigiCert looking up the domain owner via publicly available whois data and sending an email to the listed addresses.

Please note: If the vendors domain information is set to be private, it will need to be changed to public while DigiCert confirms domain ownership.

The whois data for a domain can be checked using

Clicking the approve link in the email will display a DigiCert order approval page.

Unlike DigiCert, Nitor Group recommends the second approval option. This is because Nitor Group is entering certificate requests on behalf of the vendor and there is no reason for Nitor Group to be creating certificate requests for anything besides the Direct sub domain. In cases where there is no Direct sub domain there will be just two options, in that case select the first option.

We discourage the third option as this will result in the vendor being contacted for each and every certificate being ordered and can slow down certificate issuance.

Please note: Approving the option recommended by Nitor Group is good up to one year. Once the approval has expired; the vendor will receive the domain validation email for each new certificate request, until the option recommended by Nitor Group has been selected again. The purpose of this approval is for DigiCert to have the most up-to-date information for the vendor on file.