When you receive the DigiCert email, click on the first link in the email (contact-update) and the following web page will be displayed. Please note there are two steps to the this web page:

  1. The Declaration of Identity, whereby you:
    1. Download the Declaration of Identity Document, fill out the applicable sections, sign the document and scan, then upload the signed declaration, as outlined in the web page. Please Note: the Declaration of Identity Document includes two parts that must be completedidentity verification on page 2 and the authorization on page 4.
    2. Provide a scanned copy of your ID, choosing from the list of options. 
  2. The details of the representative. 

Note: the information provided in the Declaration of Identity Document, identity documents and representative information all need to match the details provided in the certificate request form.

Information on what happens after lodging your documents is available here.