To request a VPN connection to an external entity you must be a current customer.

If you are an existing customer, just fill out the online request form located here:

Please make sure the external facility knows about the VPN request and the business reason for the VPN.  This will help to expedite the process.

Important fields:

  • Submitter email: please make sure you type your valid email as a support ticket will be created and sent to this address
  • External Facility: please make sure this is a unique name that we can use to identify each VPN
  • Rosetta Inbox (Production and QA): please identify where you want messages delivered.  You should create these inboxes if they don't already exists,
  • Facility Contact Information: we use this to start the setup conversation with the external organization.  
  • Paperwork Required: If security paperwork is required, please note this and attach the file.

Do not create a separate support ticket.   Once you submit the form, one will automatically be created for this VPN.  Within 20 minutes you will receive an email with the support ticket information.  All requests for status or information updates should then use the automatically generated ticket.  This helps keep the information together and makes the VPN process faster.

RosettaHealth will use the form information and start the VPN process:

  1. We'll contact the facility with technical details of the VPN,
  2. We'll schedule a meeting to setup and test the VPN.
  3. We'll request test messages be sent to / received from the defined QA inbox.

Once we see messages flowing without error, we'll let you know the VPN is setup and connected to the HealthBus.  You can take it from there.