The following links provide a broad overview of CDC's National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN). These are supplemental references used in conjunction with onboarding meetings between NHSN and vendors that are interested in making submissions via Direct. Prior to beginning any development efforts schedule an onboarding meeting with NHSN. 

For information about NHSN see

FAQ on the NHSN enrollment process

FAQ on the NHSN submission process

Further information on submitting data to NHSN

If you wish to contact NHSN please do so by emailing

As the Direct provider for NHSN, RosettaHealth has published to complement CDC's publications and provide an outsider's perspective. CDC are the owners and operators of the NHSN, RosettaHealth provides the means by which NHSN receives and responds to submissions over Direct. For questions regarding the NHSN enrollment and submission process please contact NHSN to ensure relevant, up to date, and accurate answers.