Preparing for MU3 (2015E): PHI via edge protocol. Source:

HISPDirect  can send and receive via edge protocol for certification under the 2015 rule (b)(1).

To meet the needs of CEHRT under (b)(1),  connect to our SaaS normally, and we would transmit via Edge protocol - no code changes required. This means you would list HISPDirect as relied upon software, as if you were using a library.

With regards to (h)(1) and (h)(2):  You can either certify to (h)(1), or use our (h)(2) certification.  
- (h)(1): This is basically the same cert test as the 2014 rule.  Connecting to our software, test against  the NIST test tools for correctly formed Direct messages. 

- (h)(2): We certify to this, you don't have to do anything.  However, your customers would have to pick HISPDirect as a product when they are using in CHPL to show complete coverage.