Our products support sending a notification when a Direct message is received on a specific Direct account.  This can be set either in the Admin Portal, or via the API.  The message will contain information on who sent the Direct message, and what time it was received.

The following details how to use the Admin Portal to setup notifications.

Please note: depending on the action you are performing, creating a new Direct account or changing an existing account, you will need to navigate to the appropriate section of the Admin Portal.

Creating a Direct Account

Changing a Direct Account, which you can navigate to by locating the account in the listing and clicking the key button to the right of the address under the Actions heading

This update Direct account page will be displayed after clicking the key button.

From here on out whether you are creating or updating an account all the actions are the same, so select the type of notification you want to set up.

For Text Message notifications you will need to then select the mobile phone carrier.

Followed by entering the phone number.

Please note: as the Text Message based notification is sent using an email to SMS gateway, when you next update the Direct account you will see the notification type set to Email as this is the actual location we send the notification for it to then be sent to the nominated mobile phone.

Alternatively, if you want an email notification, select Email and enter the email address to send the notification to.

Please note: when updating an existing account you must always provide a password, if you want to maintain the same password please re-enter the current password for the account.