A guide to Integrating with the HealtHiE Nevada Repository

This guide covers the technical ways to connect with the HealtHiE Nevada repositories.  Prior business agreements must be made with healtHiE Nevada before attempting to connect with the repository.

Types of Exchanges:

There are 3 distinct types of exchanges with the HealtHiE Nevada repository:

  1. HL7 v2 Messages: Mainly event-based messages of admits, discharges, orders. etc.  pushed to the HealtHiE repository
  2. Providing Documents: When the health records change, the facility submits an updated CDA document to the HealtHiE repository
  3. Querying and Retrieving Documents: The facility can query the repository for the latest community-wide consolidated record for a patient, and retrieve the relevant document

The illustration below shows the different types of exchanges, and the transport protocols currently supported.

Protocols Supported:

There are many options in connecting to the HealtHiE Nevada repository.  Each type of exchange can be enabled through a variety of transport protocols.  Simply find the protocols that are easiest for your systems to support.  The list below briefly describes each protocol, for more information about protocols you can email support@rosettahealth.com.

  • SFTP: SSH File Transfer Protocol 
  • MLLP: Minimum Lower Layer Protocol.  Requires use of VPN with facility to secure the connection.
  • REST API: RosettaHealth's REST API accessed via HTTPS with user authentication
  • Direct: Direct Secure Messaging: A simple secure protocol from Meaningful Use Stage 2
  • EasyDrop: A secure, signed script that can run on client's server, pulling files from a specified directory and submitting to repository via HTTPS
  • XDS.b: A standardized IHE profile secured via 2-way SSL (mutual certificates exchange)
  • XCA: A standardized IHE profile secured via 2-way SSL (mutual certificates exchange)


  1. Certificates used in 2-way SSL must be signed by a recognized Certificate Authority.  Self-signed certs are not acceptable.

Content Specifications:

Please review the document links at bottom of the page for specifications of data content of HL7 messages and CDA documents.

Requesting Connections:

To start the technical process for connecting to the HealtHiE Nevada repository, determine what exchanges you'll enable, and what protocol you'll use for each type of exchange.  Then have your technical team fill out the HealtHiE Nevada Technical Connection Spreadsheet and email back to support@rosettahealth.com.